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The Ration Project

Mar 27, 2020

The Ration Project is back for a second season! Co-host Ms. Alice joins Mrs. Jay to discuss the unique challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, how the world is reacting, and what we can do in our own homes to join the fight against a new, invisible enemy.

Mrs. Hart checks in to discuss how the first round of the Ration Projected helped prepare her for quarantine-style living, and Brian Old Timey is here with a timely Public Service Announcement!

The Ration Project is a series which applies the lessons of history to modern life. Join hosts Mrs. Jay and Ms. Alice, and listen, plan, and cook along as they discuss the encouragement, innovations, and solutions that history offers for the needs of today!

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The Ration Project is brought to you by Retrograde Orbit Radio and the following dedicated Retrograde Orbit Radio Personalities:

Your Charming Hosts: Mrs. Hart and Mrs. Jay
Your Brilliant Announcer: Brian Old-Timey
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