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The Ration Project

Mar 25, 2015

In this week's episode, we hit our final pre-war week while the gals prepare for rationing to begin in earnest.  Mrs. Jay has a cooking mishap and experiences living a real life episode of I Love Lucy. Mrs. Hart makes a very gross salad, and shares a stunning revelation about eggs.  Come for the education, stay for the fun!

The Ration Project is a one-year adventure in living history. Join hosts Mrs. Jay and Mrs. Hart, and listen, read, or cook along as they recreate World War II grocery lists, menu plans, and recipes from the home fronts of Great Britain and the United States!

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The Ration Project is brought to you by Retrograde Orbit Radio and the following dedicated Retrograde Orbit Radio Personalities:

You Charming Hosts: Mrs. Jay and Mrs. Hart
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